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Easing COVID-19 Restrictions in New York State is Impacting the Family Courts

As COVID-19 restrictions are eased across the country and The Empire State, residents can expect positive impacts on the Family Courts. As you well know, severe backlogs and waiting periods have resulted from the long period of mandated court closures across New York. These setbacks have caused significant delays and other problems. Williamson, Clune & Stevens, family law attorneys in …

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Custody Concerns Remain a Top Priority in New York Family Courts

Child custody concerns have always been at the forefront of New York Family Court deliberations and rulings, but COVID-19 and the resulting restrictions have added a new layer of complexity that the courts are only beginning to uncover.

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Spousal Employment Status During COVID-19 Affecting Matrimonial Court Settlements

In most foreseeable circumstances, losing your job is a legitimate cause to petition the court to make an adjustment to your spousal support and child support obligations. COVID-19 has added new and perplexing complications that may cloud the entire spousal support system.