Alternatives to Going to Trial in Personal Injury Cases

Alternatives to going to trial in personal injury cases

Many people may become nervous over the thought of actually going to court if they have a personal injury case. For the inexperienced, the settings and personalities of a courtroom can be intimidating. Most only know what they have seen on numerous popular legal-themed television shows. Williamson, Clune & Stevens, a personal injury law firm in Ithaca, has vast experience dealing with personal injurydivorce lawyer in Syracuse, Ithaca and Cortland New York cases, both inside and outside the courtroom.

Our skilled and talented personal injury attorneys have the experience and savvy to use the laws of New York State to your advantage if you or a loved one become injured in an accident. Don’t be intimidated by a lack of knowledge or false ideas from television – let our personal injury attorneys in Ithaca, Syracuse and Cortland work with you to win the compensation you deserve after an accident.

Many people may be surprised to learn that there are alternatives to actually trying your personal injury case in court. New York State courts remain backlogged as a lingering result of the COVID-19 shutdowns, so now more than ever, parties are more agreeable to working out fair settlements outside the courtroom.

Here are some of the workable alternatives to going to trial in personal injury cases.


Negotiations typically involve the attorneys from both parties, speaking on behalf of their respective clients. You may or may not wish to be present or directly involved in negotiations. Each party comes to the table with specific goals and attempts to hammer out an agreement that is mutually satisfactory. It is expected that both parties are willing to surrender some of what they want in order to reach a fair settlement. Plus, your personal injury attorneys in Ithaca from Williamson, Clune & Stevens are skilled negotiators who can often convince the opposing party/parties to accept your terms when you are the victim of a personal injury accident.


Mediation involves a third, impartial party to act as referee and guide between the other opposing parties. The non-biased mediator can work to ensure that everyone receives a fair hearing for their case, and that just offers are considered fairly. Mediation is common when initial negotiations between the involved parties stalls due to irreconcilable claims or demands. Often, the impartial mediator can shed new light on the case and suggest paths to reaching a fair settlement.


Arbitration can either be handled by the court or an assigned arbitrator. In this process, the arbitrator decides on the fairest course of action and outlines a final outcome, which can be binding or non-binding. If you agree to binding arbitration, you must accept the arbitrator’s decisions as final. With non-binding arbitration, you can appeal the decision in court. Arbitration is often faster and less expensive than a court trial. It is often used between clients and insurance companies rather than individual parties or litigants.

Avoiding Court with a Personal Injury Law Firm in Ithaca

Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit after an accident does not have to be intimidating or worrisome. Williamson, Clune & Stevens is a skilled personal injury law firm in Ithaca and Syracuse that can vigorously pursue your claim either through negotiations, mediation, arbitration or before the courts of New York to see that you get a fair hearing and just compensation for your injuries.

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