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Spousal support is a hotly debated issue in family law. When emotions are running high and either party feels the need to be vindicated, alimony can often be a major area of tension as both parties attempt to navigate a divorce decree.

It is important, then, to remember that spousal support functions as a way to financially level the playing field. Alimony gives the dependent spouse the monetary help he or she needs to transition out of the marriage and into a more independent financial state.

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At Williamson, Clune & Stevens, our attorneys are dedicated to giving our family law clients the information they need to make educated decisions about their future. We will help you make choices that are fueled by practicality and reason rather than emotion. We are committed to helping you resolve your issues as efficiently as possible. However, if a trial is necessary, we are prepared to take your case as far as it needs to go in order to help you obtain the best outcome possible.

Spousal support is determined according to a set of factors mandated by the state of New York and it can be short term or long term, depending on the need involved in your situation. Should you need to pursue alimony modifications or enforcement, we are available to help in this area as well.

Since the firm’s inception in 1978, our Ithaca spousal support lawyers have valued the importance of a strong connection to our community. Our attorneys work collaboratively with each other and with many experts in family law as we work to help you obtain the best results possible, regardless of the complexity of your divorce.

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