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What to Do if Divorce is in Your Future

Seldom does divorce come as a complete surprise. Most of the time, both spouses can see the handwriting on the wall even as it is being written. This does not mean that efforts at reconciliation cannot and should not be made. But when all the signs point to the inevitability of divorce, there are The Matrimonial Lawyer’s Role Before, During and After Your Marriagesome things you should do to get prepared.

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Gather Important Information

Legal proceedings to dissolve a marriage impact every facet of your life. This means you will need to be prepared for its impact everywhere. An important step is to preserve records of everything. This should include:

  • Photocopying all financial records (yours, your spouses and any jointly owned accounts, property and debts)
  • Taking photos of all personal property of value for later valuation (if disputes arise about division of property/assets)
  • Photocopying all insurance records (before and after any changes are made to beneficiaries)

Now is not the time to try and hide anything, particularly money or assets. Complete honesty in your efforts to preserve accurate records will benefit your case; attempting to hide anything will only complicate matters and trigger emotional responses.

Prepare the Necessary Documents

Divorce involves a substantial amount of paperwork. You will need to follow the steps outlined in the Introduction to Uncontested Divorce Instructions, including collecting and completing all the necessary documents. (A contested divorce will likely require much more paperwork and will definitely require the services of an attorney).

Some of the documents you will need include:

  • Statement of Net Worth
  • Documentation of Finances, Assets and Debts
  • Preliminary Conference Form
  • Temporary Order of Protection (SC-1 or SC-2) – if needed
  • Parenting Plan – if needed
  • Guardianship Agreement – if needed
  • Other documents according to specific situations/needs

The State of New York offers a DIY Uncontested Divorce Program for simple divorces with no heirs, unsettled debts or other matters. Modern divorces are rarely this simple and typically require some legal advice and representation. Williamson, Clune & Stevens, divorce lawyers in Ithaca and Syracuse, can handle your divorce proceedings regardless of the complications involved.

Partner with an Experienced Divorce Attorney

Most New York families require some level of legal assistance to fairly and peacefully complete a divorce. Children, property, investments, insurance, health insurance arrangements after the divorce, custodial arrangements for the children, support agreements and more often require the seasoned, reasonable and experienced services of a legal professional.

Williamson, Clune & Stevens are community-focused divorce lawyers in Ithaca, Elmira and Syracuse NY who can help you through each step of the divorce process, making the best possible decisions for your family along the way. Call us today at 888-863-3341 or 607-273-3339 to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our divorce attorneys. We know how to help, and we can.