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There is No Substitute for Experience When it Comes to Divorce Attorneys in Central New York

Divorce is one of the most traumatic experiences a family will endure. In addition to the unexpected stresses that normally accompany a divorce, you need to choose an attorney to handle the legal processes you’ll be dealing with. But just any divorce attorney will not do. You need to engage the services of an divorce lawyers in Syracuse, Ithaca, Bignhamton, Auburn and Cortlandexperienced divorce lawyer in Central, New York. Williamson, Clune & Stevens are highly experienced divorce attorneys in Ithaca, Elmira, Binghamton and Syracuse, New York.

Why is experience so important? Here are five benefits you will gain from using one of the experienced divorce attorneys from Williamson, Clune & Stevens.

Experience Means Clear Communication

An experienced divorce attorney in Ithaca, Elmira, Binghamton and Syracuse will habitually practice clear communication. This kind of experienced communication is a two-way channel. Throughout your divorce proceedings, you need to be able to confidently and effectively communicate your concerns and expectations to your attorney. And your divorce lawyer needs to be able to clearly explain things to you regarding your case, including realistic expectations.

Clear, experienced communication also involves your spouse. Your attorney will be expected to handle any negotiations and other communications with your spouse and his or her attorney. If matters become tense and disagreements seem insurmountable, a calm and experienced voice can often serve to placate the situation and contribute to a successful mediation.

And, of course, if matters must go before the court, your lawyer must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with the court officers and other representatives. Having served our communities since 1978, the lawyers at Williamson, Clune & Stevens have forged synergistic relationships with the courts that can only be built over time. Together, we have seen and dealt with every conceivable situation. This kind of experienced connection, built over 40 years, cannot be duplicated by inexperienced attorneys.

Experience Means Legal Skills

Choose a divorce attorney who not only can represent you, but can represent you well. Divorce routinely involves matters like career, retirement, finances, children, extended family and more. A skilled divorce attorney is knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with any complexities that may arise in your case without placing an undue burden upon you. These can include:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Division of assets/debts
  • Modifications of existing court orders
  • Paternity/legitimization
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Spousal support/alimony

Williamson, Clune & Stevens, divorce attorneys in Ithaca, Elmira, Binghamton and Syracuse, have the credentials and experience that proves they can handle all manner of divorce cases, even those involving custody disputes, substantial financial assets or even abandonment. In cases like these, you do not want a novice lawyer handling your affairs.

Experience Means Availability

Many people are completely inexperienced in the vagaries of a divorce, and therefore must lean heavily on their attorneys. An experienced divorce attorney is available to answer your questions and will be present and engaged throughout the divorce process. During this time of family and personal upheaval, your attorney should be a stabilizing influence on you, and on the entire proceedings.

Experience Means Composure

Divorce can bring unexpected surprises, and tensions often run very high. An experienced divorce attorney in Ithaca, Elmira, Binghamton and Syracuse will be the composed, stable voice in the middle of potential chaos. An experienced attorney can argue passionately and skillfully while maintaining self-control before the court and other participants.

Experience Means Resources

While you want personal contact with your divorce attorney, he or she will also need to have support. This means an experienced staff for research and backup. Legal assistants, paralegals and other attorneys within a law firm are assets that your divorce attorney can use in your favor. Resources also should include outside experts the lawyer has used routinely in divorce cases, like investigators, physicians, psychologists and state human resource advocates.

Williamson, Clune & Stevens are experienced divorce attorneys located in Ithaca, New York, serving clients throughout the cities and communities of the Finger Lakes region, including Ithaca, Cortland, Elmira, Corning, Watkins Glen, Syracuse and Binghamton. When you need experienced legal representation for a divorce, call us at 607-273-3339 or toll-free at 888-863-3341 to schedule a confidential consultation.