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Daylight Savings Time and its Effects on the Number of Personal Injuries

New York, like most other states, observes Daylight Savings Time. Almost everyone welcomes an extra hour of sunshine during the summer months. But when we set our clocks back to Daylight Standard Time in the fall, the effects are more significant than gaining another hour to sleep. Williamson, Clune and Stevens, personal injury lawyers in Elmira, Binghamton and Ithaca, want you to be aware of these effects.

Daylight Savings vs. Standard Daylight Time

You may not need scientific studies to prove that losing an hour of sleep at the beginning of Daylight Savings Time is bad for your health. Such studies do exist, and they confirm that the hour of lost sleep is related to an increase in job-related injuries and even car accidents over the first several days following the time change.

But were you also aware that reverting back to Daylight Standard Time in the fall poses its own problems? The increased number of darkness hours and colder weather in New York State also contributes to an increase in accidents and personal injuries. The sudden onset of darkness at an earlier time is unexpected, and the time it takes for our eyes (and our brain) to adjust can be a critical factor.

In fact, studies prove that, “Losing 1 hour of afternoon daylight after setting the clocks back to standard time can trigger mental illness, including bipolar disorder and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression.”

Be Aware and Prepared

Knowing that this shift in time observances can trigger such dramatic results can help you stay safe this winter season. Researchers and physicians recommend the following steps to combat the negative effects of the time change.

  • Get the sleep you need – if your body wants to go to bed early, get the rest it needs.
  • Allow time for your eyes to adjust to the darkness before walking or driving.
  • Keep a coat, hat, and gloves handy for sudden drops in temperature.
  • Use the extra time indoors for positive activities with family and friends.
  • Talk to your doctor if you experience feelings of depression or anxiety.

Just a few mental and physical adjustments can prepare you to live safely and happily during the darker, colder winter season in New York.

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